Friday, August 20, 2010

Knights of Columbus help Diocese of Saginaw bring awareness to issue of hunger

I was at the East Side Soup Kitchen in Saginaw on Thursday to accept a check from the Knights of Columbus on behalf of the Diocese of Saginaw. I want to thank the Knights of Columbus for their generous gift of $4,023. The donation allowed me to make contributions to eight soup kitchens and food pantries across the diocese and bring awareness to the issue of hunger in our local communities.

While I was at the soup kitchen, I was able to work a lunch-shift on the serving line, greeting and serving food to all the adults, teens and children who came for a meal.

It was a very spiritual experience. You look into the eyes of the people who are there — people of all ages and walks of life — and you just know that you are meeting Christ.

Thank you to all who work, volunteer and support efforts to feed the hungry.

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