Monday, February 28, 2011

Diocesan 75th Anniversary Steering Committee meets for first time

On numerous occasions, I have spoken with priests, administrators, diocesan staff, and many other parish and diocesan groups regarding our 75th anniversary year. When doing so, I indicated that the first order of business was to appoint a Steering Committee. I would like you to know that I have appointed a Diocesan Steering Committee to begin planning for this event. The Committee has representation from the various parts of the Diocese, involving priests, religious and laity, parishes and schools, young and old, the Hispanic community and many more. We tried to ensure that the Committee reflected the diversity of the Diocese, while keeping it a workable size.

We were very blessed to commence our first committee meeting, Saturday, February 26th, on the diocesan anniversary date. While it may seem we have a great deal of time for planning, it is deceiving as we really have only slightly more than a year to prepare for a year-long celebration.

The Diocesan Steering Committee includes the following members: Dr. Michael Wolohan (Chair), Mr. James Damitio, Mr. Anthony Flores, Sr. Julie Gatza, Rev. Robert Howe, Rev. Richard Jozwiak, Ms. Bridget Looby, Mrs. Bonnie Mault, Mr. Oscar Mendoza, Mr. Paul Metevia, Mr. William Myler, Mrs. Pam Myler, Mrs. Lisa Seely, Mr. Wally Tenbusch, Mr. James VanTiflin.

I believe our 75th anniversary will afford us a wonderful opportunity to generate enthusiasm and a renewed relationship with the Church among our people. This is, indeed, a time of welcome, outreach and inclusion of and by all. To this end, let us join together in prayer.

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